The perfect app for Minecraft fans is now back with a new version, more complete & more feature-rich.

Easily customize or create new mobs, guns, furniture, and animations in a toolbox. This application will bring you hundreds of exciting items from tables, chairs, TV, laptops,... to thousands of unique structures in just a few clicks. Try it!

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  • Addonsmaker
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A top-notch app with impressive downloads and good ratings by MCPE/BE version players. Interact and update constantly from thousands of users' feedback!


User-friendly toolbox

Easy to create your own addon with no programming skills required. Moreover, the optimized interface lets you unleash creativity without writing a single line of code.


Unique functions & items

New items can break blocks without a click! A new tree with a custom leaf grows on Redstone block! The new color of the water! Or a ​cow that can fly will be more attractive to you in-game.


Explore simple structures

Added 1000+ simple and unique structures to Minecraft add-ons pack (house, medieval, island, vehicle, garden, entertainment...). Or you can import your own buildings.


3D Model Editor

Upgrade the 3D Model Editor feature in the MAM app! Now users can download unlimited unique mobs, items, blocks, cars... from thousand of users' shared models.

Addonsmaker Addonsmaker
01 – What can you do with our toolbox

Discover amazing features (3D editor, weapons, textures, mobs, biomes, caves,...)

  • Add structures to your Minecraft world (house, medieval, vehicle,...)
  • Modify mobs skills/skins, animates, and behaviors
  • Modify block/slab/stair with new skins, animated, translucent…
  • Create weapons (skin, behaviors…)
  • Custom texture: Blocks, Environment, Items, UI-GUI, Colormap, Misc.
  • Change Minecraft’s sound by custom
  • Custom trees, water-fog, fog, flowers, food
  • Create new biomes, new recipes
  • Auto pack into an add-on and import to your game
  • No need for any launcher to play with mods
02 – 20M+ users had a great experience

Top popular and best Addon Maker

Unleash your creativity to make your own addons and share any ideas, problems, models, skins,... with everyone. Join Addon Maker for Minecraft PE Community group now to get the latest information!

Addonsmaker Addonsmaker

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